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We help cannabis dispensaries of all sizes grow sales by increasing member loyalty and engagement. We provide the tools you need to attract new customers and retain existing members. Priivy is a marketing platform designed from the ground up for the cannabis industry. We guarantee positive ROI and will help take your dispensary to the next level.

Create Lifetime Members
Guaranteed Increased Revenue
Brand Awareness & Engagement Tools
Member Points, Offers & Rewards
Compliant Cannabis Marketing
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How Priivy Works

Create a relationship with your members

Effective Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Get your message out to the right people at the right time. Celebrate achievements. birthdays and anniversaries. Announce important sales, specials, and promotions. Using data and statics Priivy can suggest optimal settings for successful marketing campaigns.

Compliant Marketing Guarantee
Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries
Announce Promotions, Events and Sales
Come Back Soon Campaigns
Member Visit Punch Card

Points & Rewards

Your members love to engage by earning points and redeeming rewards

Make Shopping Fun

Retain customers efficiently and effectively with Priivy. Our member loyalty program is designed specifically for cannabis companies, driving sales with incentives and data-driven marketing campaigns. With Priivy’s highly engaging UI and UX, customers are rewarded with fun animations after racking up rewards points, redeeming discounts, and on special occasions.

Collect Points by Accomplishing Achievements
Earn and Redeem Rewards
Promotions, Discounts and Giveaways
Member Punch Card
Theme Member App with Your Branding

Creating Customer Loyalty with Priivy

Priivy allows cannabis companies to create a seamless customer loyalty program, collect invaluable data, and optimize marketing based on spending. Cannabis dispensaries are in dire need of expanding their customer base and standing out from the competition. Priivy is here to take the cannabis industry to the next level by building customer loyalty and increasing engagement.

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Dispensary Marketing Features

We have everything you need to engage with loyal customers.

Member Retention and Acquisition Create long lasting relationships with members via engagement and incentives.
Member Wallet Members can view available points, rewards and promotions on their device. Looks great with the look and feel of your company's branding.
Direct SMS and Email Announcements Communicate directly to members at the right time.
Member Product Preferences Gain valuable insight to member product preferences and provide a personalized experience.
Member Loyalty Points Your customers earn points and view their visit punch card on mobile app.
Cannabis Compliance Each campaign is guaranteed to comply with local cannabis compliance regulations.
Promotions, Discounts and Giveaways Keep members coming back for more by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and "we miss you" engagements.
Integrations and API Seamlessly integrate with existing P.O.S. systems. Utilize our loyalty API in your own customer web site or application.
Surveys Find out what matters to your members by asking them directly.
Check-in Portal Members can check-in via tablet portal and view earned rewards. Fun, interactive onscreen reward celebrations.

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