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Why Priivy?

by Joe Fisher

Priivy – Marketing Platform Built to Create Customer Loyalty, Compliant Advertising, and Data-Driven Campaigns

Building long-lasting consumer relationships are vital in creating a successful cannabis brand. In many states, a consumer has multiple options to buy cannabis within walking distance of their residence. According to a survey conducted by marijuana dispensary chain Verilife, Oregon has 16.5 dispensaries per 100,000 residents. Priivy helps dispensaries of all sizes obtain a consistent flow of returning customers using the best UI and UX membership platform on the market.

While cannabis is the latest emerging industry driving billions in sales, too many dispensaries are failing to integrate technology into their customer experience and advertising campaigns. Priivy gives dispensaries the ability to create a seamless member loyalty program as well as run 100% compliant, data-driven advertising campaigns.

Unparalleled UI and UX Loyalty Program

Priivy offers dispensaries an interactive member portal with a custom theme to reflect the company’s branding. Members check-in upon arrival, confirm their loyalty points and redeem discounts and free products through a seamless digital interface.

Allowing customers to effectively track their membership rewards gives them the incentive to make the transition from one-time customer to lifetime member. A paper punch card doesn’t move the needle for cannabis consumers who have unlimited options. They need a digital member wallet that is ready to validate their purchasing history and redeem rewards. Priivy offers POS system integration so the store and the consumer are on the same page. No looking up phone numbers or emails, no hassle.

Priivy sets itself apart from other digital membership platforms with its clean, engaging UI and UX. Members are rewarded with entertaining animated celebrations each time they make a purchase or redeem a reward. The custom membership application furthers the personal relationship between the dispensary and the customer by celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Data-Driven, Complainant, Marketing Campaigns

Converting customers into life-long members is only the first step to utilizing a loyalty program. Priivy allows dispensaries to communicate promotions, events, and new products to existing customers through customizable SMS and email marketing campaigns. As consumers purchase products, Priivy identifies spending habits, customer preferences, and other useful information that can be used to design data-driven marketing campaigns.

Advertising continues to be the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry. Three companies dominate the digital marketing space. Facebook, Amazon, and Google account for nearly 2/3 of the market share; cannabis companies are restricted from all three platforms. Priivy was specifically designed for the cannabis industry. Realizing compliance is one of the most challenging aspects for recreational and medical marijuana businesses, we built-in state cannabis compliance laws into the application.

With the customer loyalty program from Priivy, dispensaries are not only capable of marketing to their existing customers, but they are also able to give members incentives to share with their network. Dispensaries can award customers with redeemable points by encouraging them to share their brand on social media, acting as an ad spend without breaching digital tech company’s terms of service agreements.

A Client-Side Dashboard with Low Barrier to Entry

Customer loyalty accounts and marketing campaigns are all managed through the Priivy dashboard. Track sales and member spending habits to optimize marketing. Data allow companies to remove the guesswork from digital advertising, easily track what is working and what isn’t to adjust ad spends.

SMS and email campaigns are 100% customizable with the Priivy dashboard. Business owners and marketers can use our builder to create custom campaigns directed toward loyal customers. We’ve designed the campaign builder so anyone can create beautiful promotional emails, using data obtained through the loyalty program to optimize spending.

Creating Customer Loyalty with Priivy

Retain customers efficiently and effectively with Priivy. Our member loyalty program is designed specifically for cannabis companies, driving sales with incentives and data-driven marketing campaigns. With Priivy’s highly engaging UI and UX, customers are rewarded with fun animations after racking up rewards points, redeeming discounts, and on special occasions.

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by Joe Fisher

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Blast Off!

by Joe Fisher

Our Mission

Welcome to Priivy! We are excited to launch Priivy, our cannabis loyalty platform! Our mission is to help cannabis dispensaries grow their customers into fans. We make it fun for your customers to interact with your brand. We accomplish this mission through engaging tools which both incentivize and retain customers. Your customers will love earning rewards and are always aware of what's going on at your dispensary.

To the Moon

We are ready to help take your cannabis dispensary to the the next level. In an increasingly competitive market, you need to stand out from the crowd. Our set of cannabis marketing tools make that possible. Your beautifully branded member wallet will showcase promotions, sales, and events. Your customers will be compelled to choose your dispensary over the other.

We're Here for You

One great thing about Priivy is you have access to a cannabis marketing expert who can assure you're able to create effective and compliant campaigns. We know what works and will help boost your revenue. Reach out now, and let's get this party started!