Cannabis Member Loyalty Platform

Our complete platform will keep members engaged and spending.

Outstanding features

All you need to communicate and interact with your customers

Custom Campaign Builder

Our highly customizable campaign builder will target members at the optimal time to maximize revenue. Branded campaigns reflect your company look and feel. Deliver beautiful, branded emails and text messages at just the right moment.

Member Loyalty and Gamification

We use fun, interactive engagements to keep members loyal to you. Get your customers attention and get their business.

Tracking tools

We give you the tools you need to analyze behavior and make the right decision. Conversion tracking, email and SMS engagement metrics.

Member mobile app

Each member has access to your company's branded web app, which shows your rewards and offers. Members can also fill out surveys and check in to redeem rewards.

Insightful reporting

By analyzing data from across our system, we can target the right members and the right time to maximize conversions. Use real-time data to gain insights into how your business operates.

Direct messaging

Directly engage with your customers at the perfect moment. Reach out with interactive messages to attract and engage your customers.

Product points

Members collect product points for rewards. This keeps customers loyal to your brand.

Integrations & APIs

Integrate with your existing CRM or POS systems